Myxomatosis and RHD


Two particularly dreaded disease in rabbits are mixomatosis and RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease). They are lethal for many unvaccinated rabbits, although more and more unvaccinated rabbits are now surviving these diseases. They are caused by viruses, which in turn are transmitted by mosquitoes and ..

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BARF - yes or no...?


BARF – yes o no…? more and more dog owners are now confronting this question. Our pets are  suffering from illnesses that did not exist in the animal world before, such as allergies, organ diseases, due, among other things, to inadequate nutrition. It is therefore good and important that we sta..

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Start: Animal Nutrition and Natural Health For Your Pet


Natural health for your pet! Doolittle Terapias offers consulting in animal nutrition and natural health. As a qualified animal nutritionist, I advise you on all aspects related to animal nutrition relative to a specific breed. I specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats, and also f..

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