Chronic renal insufficiency - the silent danger

Chronic renal insufficiency - the silent danger

The causes of deteriorating kidney function are unfortunately not so easy or even possible to determine.  The first symptoms usually only appear when at least 65-75% of the kidney tissue has been destroyed. The fatal aspect of CNI is that it is not clinically recognised until very late in the disease. The dog or cat appears healthy and fit, but in most cases the disease has been going on for some time. Damage to a part of the kidney first causes the remaining healthy kidney tissue to take over its function. This works well for a while, but in the long run it damages the tissue by "overloading" it.

 Possible symptoms of CNI are:

- lethargy (the cat shows little activity)

- increased drinking and urination

- Nausea and vomiting

- weight loss

- reluctance to eat

- In very advanced CNI, smell from the mouth of urine and ammonia.

 A kidney diet is indispensable in the treatment. It is individually adapted to the pet and is composed in such a way that the entry of various potential toxins is reduced so that the remaining kidney function is sufficient. As the kidneys cannot regenerate, a diet must be given for the rest of the animal's life.

Accompanying naturopathic therapies support your pet in this process. Especially a therapy with medicinal mushrooms may increase the filtration rate of the kidneys.


Chronic renal failure is an incurable disease. With the right treatment, however, pet can often live for a long time with a good quality of life. Since it occurs very frequently in older cats, and to a lesser extent in dogs, the following should be considered at the regular senior check-up

I would be happy to advise you about the possibilities of helping your pet in a first consultation without obligation.

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Chronic renal insufficiency - the silent danger


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