Therapies and nutrition for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents

Fresh food and raw food<br /> (BARF)

Fresh food and raw food

I find the most suitable food for your pet's anatomy and physiology.

Specialized in healthy nutrition

Specialized in healthy nutrition

In case of disease, allergies and intolerances

Individual natural and holistic therapies

Individual natural and holistic therapies

Natural therapies with medicinal mushrooms

Certified in Dietetics

Certified in Dietetics

Colaboration with veterinaries as welll as well known Spanish and German laboratories

"The greatness and moral progress of a nation can be measured by how it treats its animals. "
Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to my website!

Animal nutritionist – a nice title but what does it actually mean and how can an animal nutritionish help you and your furry family member? Well, here on my website you will find lots of useful information and receive a brief introduction to what I do and what it is all about. Being qualified in animal nutrition and health, I can advise you on all aspects related to animal nutrition relative to a specific breed. I specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats, and also for rabbits and rodents too.

My main focus is on dietetics especially for dogs and cats, in cases of illness, allergies and possible intolerances. A healthy, balanced diet can create the best conditions for maintaining physical and mental health and healing – much the same as for humans!

What does it mean exactly?

If your pet suffers from a disease that may even require lifelong treatment, it is particularly important to have a balanced diet in order to compensate for any lack of vital nutrients to strengthen the organs and immune system.

If an animal shows symptoms which, despite veterinary treatment, do not improve significantly or deteriorate, often analysis of the current feed can reveal a lot of information. Often a simple adjustment of the ration is enough to make your pet feel better again.

Even in the case of very serious illnesses, you can do much with the right diet. The aim of the therapy in this case is to maintain the best possible quality of life for the longest possible period of time. You would want this for any member of your family right?

What can I do for you and your pet?

In case of disease or unclear symptoms, I will help you to get to the bottom of the problem. We start with a detailed analysis and together create a plan of how to help your pet. Depending on the initial situation, I will analyse what and how much you are currently feeding your pet and work out the best dietary plan individually adapted to the needs of your dog or your cat.

Of course, I would be happy to consult with your vet, dog trainer and - if necessary - a laboratory because the best way to help your pet is when all the people involved in the care of the animal pull in the same direction together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Using naturopathic remedies has been proven to help too. Mycotherapy is a very good alternative. Medicinal mushrooms have a special and impressive healing power and are proven to have no side effects.

If you have any questions about what I do or how I can help in the healthcare of your furry family member, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! I can also provide professional advice on specialist areas such as appropriate diets for puppies and animals in old age... just ask.

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Nutrition and change of diet for dogs and cats in cases of illness, allergies and intolerances


Aggression and restlessness

Nutrition, deseases and welfare of rabbits and rodents as well as possible treatments


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