What is Mycotherapy? Healing animals with vital mushrooms

What is Mycotherapy? Healing animals with vital mushrooms

The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recognized thousands of years ago that fungi have an enormous variety of active ingredients. Mushrooms have also been used to cure diseases in the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt.

Unfortunately, knowledge of the extraordinary healing power of mushrooms has been forgotten in Europe over the centuries.

However, due to the numerous healing successes that have been achieved and documented in Asia with vital fungus therapy for a wide variety of diseases, mycotherapy has been discussed again in European medicine for some years now. It has also been successfully applied to animals, as many examples show.

Mushrooms can do incredible things. They are able to decompose everything. They grow in a wide variety of places, in the most adverse conditions. They have "learned" to cope with the most difficult conditions, they are resistant and able to recycle, detoxify and release nutrients.

They have a variety of important nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates as well as antibacterial and antiviral properties. Mushrooms regulate the immune system, they support internal organs and can even inhibit the growth of certain tumours.

Medicinal mushrooms can be applied to horses, dogs, cats, but also in rabbits, rodents, birds, fish and reptiles.

Mycotherapy is a scientifically proven natural healing method. And a great alternative for your pet.

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