Does alternative medicine exist for animals too?

Does alternative medicine exist for animals too?

Yes - alternative healing methods have also been successfully applied to animals. There are animals where treatment with certain drugs is very delicate. For example, an antibiotic treatment in hamsters is quite difficult. They have a very low tolerance to antibiotics. Of course, it cannot always be avoided, not even in the case of a hamster, but it is advisable to consider carefully whether treatment with an antibiotic is really necessary or whether there is an alternative. Generally, animals respond very well to alternative healing methods. Of course, the best would be to find a vet who is familiar with both methods, or for all those involved in the animal´s care to work together.

Sometimes a combination of both methods makes sense. Serious illnesses generally have to be treated with conventional medication, which often has many side effects. In cases where conventional medicine works hand in hand with naturopathy, much can be achieved, even with animals.

Both alternative medicine and conventional medicine have their advantages and limitations. We should be open to both methods.

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